Thursday, January 29, 2009


I can't put my thoughts together to make much sense so I thought I'd just post more pictures of our lovely new (temporary) home. People keep telling me if I think it's pretty now, wait a couple of months when everything is in full bloom. This makes me think I didn't plan to be here long enough. Should we stay a little longer? Kids?

Walking the dogs in the park

Sunburns here can be brutal... even the trees are peeling!

Desert Octopus

Forcing a smile

Weirdest tree ever

I dunno. I just liked the way this pic turned out

I get asked on occasion why I love the desert so much. Why do I prefer the heat and sparse landscape to a lush, green, dense forest? I don't know why for sure, some preferences come with us as part of the package, I guess. The desert tells me stories of survival... beating the odds to live and bloom another day. I suppose anyone who really knows me well would understand why it's so beautiful to me to see these thorny, angry, against all odds creatures produce such beautiful flowers.