Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Easter is a fun holiday, isn't it? It's food, family, fun, and did I already say food? This year we spread the love of Easter around for a few days. Friday was a fun egg hunt and dinner at my mom's... and I forgot to bring my camera, so we will all have to imagine what it looked like. Holidays on my side of the family are really fun now that more grand kids are cropping up. They remind me of years past with Jeff's family... loud, chaotic, and fabulous. Egg hunts are fun at any age though and I remember not too many years ago when Jeff's parents would hide money in some of the eggs and let the adults participate too. Some years, when we were all a little down on our luck financially, it was a a knock-down, drag-out affair trying to get those money eggs!
Good times.
Another tradition in Jeff's family is the Easter pinata, which is just a contest of cheating disaster, as little (and not so little) kids wield a long stick and swing wildly at a paper-mache animal.
But, so far, so good, and we've only seen a few minor injuries over the years.

As for our own traditions, we stopped doing the Easter basket thing a few years ago once the kids didn't "believe" anymore. At the time it was kind of a relief to let that go, but this year I have been feeling pretty uncomfortable with my kids growing up, and I hate that too soon they will be grown and gone! I know, I know, I have a few years left... but still. So I dragged Jeff out last week to do some Easter basket shopping... to make myself feel better about things. I confessed to him at K Mart that I was really doing the baskets for me, which he said he knew all along. Mr. Smarty Pants! I think the kids liked it too.
We had Easter Brunch at The Gathering Place in Gardner Village.
The food was yummy and we had a good time together. It was Jeff's suggestion to buy egg dye though, so we did, and the kids and I had fun dyeing the eggs Sunday afternoon.
We have chickens who lay brown and green eggs, so technically we don't really need to color our eggs... but where is the fun in that? I did buy a dozen white eggs at the store, somehow they dwindled down to just four by the time we were ready to dye them, so we used some of the colored ones as well.
Don't they look lovely?
Mine were the best... JMO.

Thanks everyone who shared in our Easter this year! Hope everyone else had a Happy, Happy, Holiday!