Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Brit had his first prom this past weekend. When you homeschool, things work a little differently, including prom. We are lucky to have a family who is willing to organize and sponsor a homeschool prom each year. We are unlucky that they live in the south end of Utah Valley, therefore it's a long drive. Attendance is open to all homeschoolers aged 14 to 18, and, it's a no date event. Suggested dress is Sunday best to black tie formal with all kinds of restrictions about sleeve and dress length (hey, it's homeschool, we have to at least try to cling to the "Gentlemen Broncos" stereotype!). Another difference at the homeschool prom is that "appropriate lighting and music" are observed, and the kids all have dance cards to fill. This year was a Shakespeare Ball so the first 1/2 hour was spent teaching the kids a few Olde English dances. I was super excited when Brit decided he wanted to go to prom this year. I had it all planned out for the whole family to drive to Mapleton, take a couple of Brit's friends along, chaperone, watch the fun... Brit had other ideas. He wanted to take a date (cuz he's a rebel like that), and he wanted to ride with his friends. Sniff, sniff. Not only was I staying home, he was driving with a bunch of other teenagers all the way to Smalltown, Ut., AT NIGHT!

One of the other moms suggested a progressive dinner before the dance (I'm sure she had my crushed feelings in mind), so we had two couples over for appetizers and salad.

Soon the kids were off to Aura's house for dinner and a few games before leaving for the prom. I forced a couple of pics before they could get out the door...

Brit and Sarah

Don't they look adorable?

Aura and Brandon

Group photo

Aura was a great driver (despite my irrational fears) and brought my little boy back to me. Brit said he had a great time, met some new friends, and even danced...a lot!