Tuesday, February 23, 2010


The past month has been like school for me. I've been learning a lot about health and wellness and I'm tellin' ya, there is such a thing as knowing too much! It's no wonder I had a headache every single day of college! But mostly it's been fun, and good for me. I love to research things. I love to discover a new school of thought, then look at the arguments for and against it. I want to know the whys, the hows, the ins, and the outs.

The thing I may have learned the most about this past month, perhaps, is myself. I think I have been sabotaging my own health all along. Not on purpose, but still, not really giving recovery a fair chance. I have my excuses, and they're actually pretty good ones (as excuses go)! But if I keep saying I want to heal, move on, recover, I can't accept excuses anymore.

Over the years I have kept my own little medical notes/journals to document my Fibromyalgia and other health concerns. They have been invaluable to look back on when I start to wonder what treatment has helped with what ailment, and what supplements or vitamins, or changes in diet/lifestyle improve my conditions. I've been thinking that as I start to really absorb these large amounts of info on nutrition and wellness that I might document it all online. Maybe it could be helpful to more people than just me? At the very least, it would be an excuse to closely track how I'm feeling, and it might keep me motivated to stick with it! If I did decide to make public my daily successes and failings, they would be found here: