Monday, October 13, 2008


Do you ever feel like your life is dull? Like you're doing the same old thing day in and day out? Like you wish you could have a little excitement once in a while? This weekend was a break from the same ol' thing! Jeff's sister and family made the trek from Phoenix to S.L. on Friday. Lucky for Jeff, his sister married his soul mate (not in a Brokeback Mountain kind of way ;), and her husband Nate (said soul mate)
decided to come up this weekend for some Utah duck hunting action. Before Jen and Nate relocated to Phoenix, Jeff and Nate took it for granted that they would always be together during hunting season. I guess I always took that for granted too, and it left me guiltless for not tramping around after him through marsh, and mud, and all kinds of terrible weather!
The boys planned a fun weekend of nothing but hunting and invited anyone who might have a yearning for marsh, and mud, and all kinds of terrible weather. There were actually some takers... if you can imagine, so early Saturday morning a group of six brave (crazy) souls set out for duckie domination. Oh, but I am getting ahead of myself. I should first explain the dynamics of Jeff 'n Nate. See, Jeff is the Jeff we all know and love most of the time. But when it's Jeff 'n Nate, well that there is an Entity all It's own. Still mostly human, but also a little different species altogether. It's not really something you can explain, more something you have to experience. Friday night Jeff 'n Nate went to Cabela's to pick up a few last minute items, and then the kids and I went to dinner with Jeff 'n Nate. Jeff 'n Nate had to get up early again Sunday morning for more hunting, and It was taking my nephew Tanner with It, so both Nate and Tanner had a super fun sleepover at our house Saturday night. I was thinking hard about it, and I can't remember the last time we had an all dude sleepover at our house! They were good boys. Nobody put anyone else's hand in warm water while they were sleeping, or wrote on their face with permanent marker. They even remembered to make their beds in the wee hours of the morning!
Tanner's was more of a "try" to make his bed, but I'm still giving him the credit for it. I think they had fun hunting, even though they didn't get to kill many duckies. I'm told that the killing is only half the fun of these hunting weekends.

Besides the hunting, there were some really fun (and very noisy) family parties. Sunday night Jeff's whole family gathered at his parent's house for Megan's (my niece) early birthday party. We had yummy food, thanks to Jeff's mom Linda, and presents, and cake, and lots of kid fun! Tonight we had a birthday dinner for Jeff's brother Scott at Bonsai with Jeff's entire family, and my brother Joe, as a tag-a-long. It was the perfect place for 22 people to gather publicly because no matter how noisy we were, it was just as noisy at the next table!

Tomorrow Nate goes home, Jeff goes back to work, and our lives become boring and ordinary again... until Friday... when we take our new trailer on Her maiden voyage to Moab! I have to remind myself to be careful what I wish for!


Hola I'm Jeff said...

Awesome post.

Jenifer said...

I wasn't sure if it was possible to descibe Nate'n'Jeff. But you did IT justice! Very fun.

Nathan W said...

Nate sounds awesome. Thanks for the bed, sorry it smells like swamp, LOL!?!?