Monday, November 22, 2010


I have a beautiful life full of beautiful people and things. I have a safe, warm home full of love and simple comforts. I have loyal and loving friends, family close at hand, puppies to warm my feet at night, and neighbors who share. I drive a reliable car, dress my family in nice clothes, fill my pantry with good food. I take warm showers and baths. I fall asleep most nights feeling safe and warm. My children have all the opportunities in life that I could want for them. At my house we love much and forgive often. When there are tears, there is always someone to wipe them away. I am thankful for all these things, today, and every other.


Kristi said...

long time no blog! Glad to "hear" from ya!

Polly B. said...

You are a beautiful writer. I can see where Kaylee gets her talent. :)

Kim Bringhurst said...

Aw, thanks you two. =o}