Wednesday, July 21, 2010


So, so many things happen in a day, a week, a month, a year. In May the kids had a dance recital, their first ever (and possibly last), and I didn't blog about it. They danced to "Run Around Sue."

Also in May the kids made their first stage appearance in "A Mid Summer Night's Dream" and I didn't blog about it. Brit had the part of King Oberon, Kaylee played Puck. They were amazing!

In June, after our anniversary in San Francisco, we spent a quick weekend in Arizona. Thank you Woodards for hosting us...again! We were on a mission to find just the right winter home for the kids and me. And while the weather in Utah was unseasonably cool that weekend, it was also unseasonably cool in AZ, making it perfect.

The last weekend in June was spent in Moab, Ut. with my brother Brett, Mom and Tim.

July, July, July... July has sort of just happened. July is generally my favorite month of the year. This year I decided to use all the positive energy and optimism of warm weather, summer fun and lazier days to tweak a few little things in my life that I think need improvement. I'm hoping to track my progress over here.

All of these things that happen seem fresh in my memory, for now. But time can make memories fuzzy, less vivid, sometimes even hidden. My blog is supposed to help capture the memories. I need to blog better.