Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I guess it is safe to say that I live on a farm. I can't think of any other way to describe what we've got going on here. This year I made it "official" when I registered with The American Goat Society as Dimple Dell Farm (doesn't that name sound so adorable?) and destined all new baby goats born here to their own special prefix. This year we had "Dimple Dell Chocolate Chip," (some of you may remember our special little Chip for his unusual sexual orientation) "Dimple Dell Flower," "Dimple Dell Chuckles," and little "Dimple Dell Happy Go Lucky."

A farm is fun and fulfilling. A farm is a lot of work. When the weather gets cold and wet I start to question farm life. The animals must be fed everyday, watered, their poop scooped, and their bedding cleaned. Water hoses must be unscrewed and drained so they won't freeze and break pipes. It seems that as soon as we get one hole in the fence fixed, another is created. Every month somebody has to be wormed, vaccinated, trimmed up or doctored. And did I mention poop? Oh, so much poop!

Today was stall mucking day and I had been dreading it. Kays and I suited up and headed out to fill wheelbarrows full of manure, and as we scraped and scooped, we talked and laughed. And I thought to myself that more moms should have the chance to spend an hour each day with their daughters working at poop containment. After we finished with the scooping, we did the feeding and watering, we fixed a hole in the fence, and gathered the eggs. It was a lovely hour, actually, even though I was a little blue at the tips when we were done. Kaylee said to me, "Mom, look how beautiful the mountains are." And she was right. The view of the mountains was so much more beautiful than the alternative today... POOP.

Monday, November 22, 2010


I have a beautiful life full of beautiful people and things. I have a safe, warm home full of love and simple comforts. I have loyal and loving friends, family close at hand, puppies to warm my feet at night, and neighbors who share. I drive a reliable car, dress my family in nice clothes, fill my pantry with good food. I take warm showers and baths. I fall asleep most nights feeling safe and warm. My children have all the opportunities in life that I could want for them. At my house we love much and forgive often. When there are tears, there is always someone to wipe them away. I am thankful for all these things, today, and every other.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


So, so many things happen in a day, a week, a month, a year. In May the kids had a dance recital, their first ever (and possibly last), and I didn't blog about it. They danced to "Run Around Sue."

Also in May the kids made their first stage appearance in "A Mid Summer Night's Dream" and I didn't blog about it. Brit had the part of King Oberon, Kaylee played Puck. They were amazing!

In June, after our anniversary in San Francisco, we spent a quick weekend in Arizona. Thank you Woodards for hosting us...again! We were on a mission to find just the right winter home for the kids and me. And while the weather in Utah was unseasonably cool that weekend, it was also unseasonably cool in AZ, making it perfect.

The last weekend in June was spent in Moab, Ut. with my brother Brett, Mom and Tim.

July, July, July... July has sort of just happened. July is generally my favorite month of the year. This year I decided to use all the positive energy and optimism of warm weather, summer fun and lazier days to tweak a few little things in my life that I think need improvement. I'm hoping to track my progress over here.

All of these things that happen seem fresh in my memory, for now. But time can make memories fuzzy, less vivid, sometimes even hidden. My blog is supposed to help capture the memories. I need to blog better.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Yesterday marked the 20 year anniversary of our wedding day. On June 1, 1990, I became Mrs. Bringhurst, and let me tell you, that was a a rung or two up on the alphabetical ladder! Imagine going all through your school days with a last name starting with S. It moulds you, shapes you, makes you feel like you must fall back in line... Then one day you are a B! Suddenly you can be first (or second) in line, stand a little taller, wait a little less, be somebody! Ahhh.... marital bliss.

Since that day we have lived in seven places, owned three houses, had two children, owned seventeen cars, three boats, two trailers, and many, many pets. We honeymooned in Disneyland and returned countless times with our kids. We backed into parenthood and never looked back, sharing nearly every day-to-day, and, exciting new experience with the kids. This year, to celebrate our 20 years of marriage, we planned a trip without the kids.


Have you been? Everybody's been to San Francisco! Except me. I had never been until this past weekend. I LOVED it! We had great weather which, as anyone knows, will make or break a vacation for me. Some of the highlights were:

ALCATRAZ! Because I love, love, LOVE history! And this place was full of it.

We took the audio tour

I really liked zig-zaggy Lombard Street. Driving it was fun and all, but I want to live there.

And this place, to remind me of my back-of-the-line roots.


I loved our tour of old boats. I love old things.

I loved this place... where I paid $15 for a small bag of cherries.

I loved the seafood, the atmosphere, the ocean. I loved that everyone rode bikes and owned dogs. AND... I loved having this handsome guy, all to myself, for one whole weekend!

My only regret is leaving my camera home. Thanks Jeff! For a perfect weekend.
*pictures courtesy of Jeff's new camera, that might need a little tweaking*

Monday, May 24, 2010



Thursday, May 20, 2010


Yesterday my dad had surgery to repair his thumb and shoulder. He was able to have both surgeries done on the same day by two different doctors and surgical teams. Since I myself am an avid hater of anesthesia, I can really appreciate the value of this "working together for the greater good" method of surgery.

Tonight we were able to visit him at home and he was doing well and in good spirits. He was excited to show us his helmet and armored clothes to emphasize how much worse his injuries could have been... As if distracting us from letting loose a lecture on the dangers of old men riding motorcycles. It didn't work. We lectured anyway- a little bit. He also showed us pictures taken a couple days after the accident of his bruising and road-rash. The entire right side of his body is a huge bruise. It was ugly and shocking, and I'm not JUST referring to his old man bum peeking out in some of the photos. Giggle, giggle, hee hee...just kidding Dad! Kind of...

Then I took some pictures of my own and warned him I would be blogging about it, again.

This is just a small section of the bruising

His best scabs and rash are hidden under bandages and clothing

Hwellp, now I know where I got my legs from...

Then he told us the whole story of how it all happened, and how plainly and simply grateful he is to be here. And I told him how I knew before it happened that it would happen. And I don't know how I knew. Sometimes I just know. And after enough incidences of sometimes knowing, I've learned that the only thing I can do is wait for the phone call. Some things can't be explained, and I'm okay with that.

He's here, he's healing, he's a good grandpa, and I'm okay with that too.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


On Monday I had a whim. I wanted to go for a run. All my friends are doing it, I want to do it too. I made Brit go with me. We went about a mile. I jogged maybe, MAYBE, a quarter of that mile. Yesterday I HURT!!! I hurt from head to toe. I hurt like I'd been skiing all day. I hobbled around, moaning and aching, feeling so sorry for myself. Today I hurt. Not quite so much, but still, so much. Tomorrow I have to get back out there and give it another go...

PRAY FOR ME! (or pray for rain)