Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Yesterday marked the 20 year anniversary of our wedding day. On June 1, 1990, I became Mrs. Bringhurst, and let me tell you, that was a a rung or two up on the alphabetical ladder! Imagine going all through your school days with a last name starting with S. It moulds you, shapes you, makes you feel like you must fall back in line... Then one day you are a B! Suddenly you can be first (or second) in line, stand a little taller, wait a little less, be somebody! Ahhh.... marital bliss.

Since that day we have lived in seven places, owned three houses, had two children, owned seventeen cars, three boats, two trailers, and many, many pets. We honeymooned in Disneyland and returned countless times with our kids. We backed into parenthood and never looked back, sharing nearly every day-to-day, and, exciting new experience with the kids. This year, to celebrate our 20 years of marriage, we planned a trip without the kids.


Have you been? Everybody's been to San Francisco! Except me. I had never been until this past weekend. I LOVED it! We had great weather which, as anyone knows, will make or break a vacation for me. Some of the highlights were:

ALCATRAZ! Because I love, love, LOVE history! And this place was full of it.

We took the audio tour

I really liked zig-zaggy Lombard Street. Driving it was fun and all, but I want to live there.

And this place, to remind me of my back-of-the-line roots.


I loved our tour of old boats. I love old things.

I loved this place... where I paid $15 for a small bag of cherries.

I loved the seafood, the atmosphere, the ocean. I loved that everyone rode bikes and owned dogs. AND... I loved having this handsome guy, all to myself, for one whole weekend!

My only regret is leaving my camera home. Thanks Jeff! For a perfect weekend.
*pictures courtesy of Jeff's new camera, that might need a little tweaking*


Polly B. said...

Did you ever think you'd make it twenty years? It seems like such a big number but it goes by so fast. Here's to twenty more. :)

LP, Staci & Cooper Swainston said...

Congrats on 20 years!!! That is amazing! I love San Fran. LP and I went a long time ago, and I can't wait to go back. If it wasn't so freakin expensive to live there, I would move in a second